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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Goran won as many titles as Stich on clay. Won only 2 less on hard court (sorry, I have NO INTEREST in the marketing "masters" series gimmick, and I'm always amazed at the penetration ATP marketing has made on younger people here).
i absolutely agree about these recently overhyped 'masters-series'...

Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Wow, SF's.....Goran only made the quarters...obviously "MUCH" more versatile right? Incidently, funny and ironic that you defend Krajicek for making 3 QF's at the USO, then in the next sentence criticize Goran for not making it past the quarters of the AO and RG. Which he did THREE TIMES at AO and RG.
goran's game on clay (especially in the 1st part of his career) is really underrated.
  • ok, no SF at RG, but 3 QF at RG (in 1992, he was the only one to take a set, in the QF, from the lumberjack courier) which is not so bad !
  • 3 clay court titles (in 9 clay finals)
  • best perf. in some important clay tournaments: SF in monte-carlo, F in hamburg, F in rome (among 4 SF in rome !)
  • only player to have defeated the musterminator in davis cup on clay, in 5 sets in 1997 (in austria, of course !)
  • bronze medals (single & double) on clay at barcelona in 1992, including 4 straight 5-sets single wins to get his well-deserved medal !
  • clay wins over over RG winners of his era: muster, courier, chang, kafelnikov, bruguera
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