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Hello from sunny Florida. May post a detail report when I get back and load some of the many pics taken. For now lets see the bullet points.

-21 drinks and counting Panterka
-Who eats in Fl. Apparently not Sup.
-Drunk tennis with Drak. Advantage sober Drak.
-B 8. Bingo! Lets boogie down
-Slots can't be seduced but poker players can get mad.
-Breakfast! Food at last.
-Adv Drak Part II: I see dead people
-35 shrimp dishes sounded like a good idea
-Vampires sleep during the day
-All dressed up and waiting for what?
-Happy Halloween. Where are we Drak and why are 95% of the costumes sailors, pilots and pirates?
-Hard Rock or bust
-Panterka makes the final cut, but no one could touch Jesus.
-It's 2am, feed me @#$(!/+
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