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Wow.....XFull, you are the man! How did u get so knowledgeable on the subject, if u don't mind me asking?
The mods should sticky this thread for those that want to understand racquet weighting and balance.

If I understand correctly......only add weight to the tip (12 oclock) if u need more pop or snap in your serves. But the more you add to this point, the more erratic your control becomes.

So if you wanted to add lets say 15 g's to your racquet and keep balance the same, it sounds like the "preferred" way is to add about 6 g's to 3/9 and about 9 g's to the handle, about 7" above the buttcap (which would be about in the middle of where your top hand would be?).

Also, you never mention adding weight to 10/2 instead of 9/3?
Wouldn't 10/2 be a nice compromise to give you the plowthru of 9/3, with a little extra power?


1) Depolarized = more plowthru and stability

2) Polarized = more power but less control

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