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Originally Posted by tintin View Post
good grief!
no wonder a current player said Federer is the cleanest world #1 around and that if the ATP were to release the names of superstars that have been caught and tested positive;this would be huge
If Federer is the cleanest nr.1,what does that say about the ATP? If he is the cleanest,the logical assumption would have to be that most other nr.1 had some "dirt" on them.

I for one don't believe in "dirtyness" in a player unless we can find some proof(but real proof not circumstantial evidence). People don't think of Fed as a doper because of his beautiful,efficient game but I have watched Fed since 2002 and I have rarely seen him sweat when he gets to a 4th or 5h set(except in AO where it's really hot and he had mono at the time). McEnroe,a guy who some to this day consider the epitome of classical,beautiful tennis,took steroids. So God only knows what "machines" like Borg took. If guys were doing this sort of stuff in the 80's what doping agents do you think they are doing today and how are they hiding it since the tech has got better.

People point to Nadal because of his muscles and endurance but feats equaling or surpassing Nadal have been done before in the 80's or 90's by other players. Today most players don't have a tennis players body even if everybody points the finger at Nadal. Most guys today are bigger,faster and have more endurance than their past counterparts. Some say it is due to better conditioning than in the past,some say it's because of doping,some think it's a combination of both.

I for one have no idea if Nadal is guilty or not. I hope he isn't but I also hope another thing: if the ATP do dish out the dirt,let us know all the dirty champions,not just recent ones,although this has a one in a million chance of happening.

And another closing thought about that certain player,who I assume is Santoro. How can he and other tennis players know/suspect things like this and not say a word? They are as guilty in my opinion as the guys covering it up. I saw a TV interview with Nastase who,responding to the recent doping discoveries,said that in his day there were certain high profile players who were suspected of doping by their peers but nothing came out. These are words coming from the first official nr.1 in the Open era,back in the 70's. So if this is true,tennis hasn't been a clean sport for quite some time,even though we all like to think that this is a modern problem.

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