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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
To test your little theory that BLX is on par with KKK I Googled BLX and saw no evidence of it being such a morally reprehensible letter combo. None. At all.

You fail.

Wait, how about adding some southern American twang:

Ya'll fail.

Right. Firstly... Oh man, are you going to start all that macho 'you fail... next' rubbish?! For someone who dishes it out so readily and with such obvious relish, you're suddenly coming across rather thin-skinned and taking yourself a little too seriously, don't you think? We're all ultimately only having a laugh and 'playing' here, aren't we?!

Secondly (and I really can't let this go), re the remark literally equating 'KKK' with 'BLX' - why would I literally mean to equate the 2 when they mean such different things?! Come on, it was clear that I was making a general point about Wilson's new line name being an embarrassment, or joke, or massive error, or whatever. I mean, just like I clearly wouldn't say seriously and literally that 'BLX' is precisely the same as saying 'CRUD'... 'AHOLE!'... 'SHT!'.. 'GAY'... 'TIT'... (OMG... LOL)... it was blatantly obvious I wasn't making a literal word comparison/paring/equating of 'KKK' and 'BLX'.

I have to say I find this 'tactic' not only disingenuous, but the absolute embodiment of the term: 'morally reprehensible'.

Shame on you.

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