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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
drak -- who's the nerd in front of the sexy french maid? pls post more pics of said sexy french maid. ditch the nerd.

zap -- i agree with you that driving a manual transmission for pure fun is the way to go but plenty o supercars are now sporting not so slush-boxes. godzilla (nissan gtr) comes to mind among others with the f1 style paddle shifters. figure anyone who can drop $80k+ down on a weekend toy car can get whatever they want. unless you take your car to the track often or you race semi-professionally -- chances are good that you are not as proficient with a stick shift as you might want to imagine. it's the same with tennis skillz on these forums. you got any racing experience zap? need for speed or gran turismo on the ps3 doesn't count.
yea i love everything about the GTR except a 16yr old can hop in and drive it around. zero skill needed. its kind of sad what money does seomtimes. yes these cars are track cars. i do play video games at all. and yes i pretend i am tasukigami when i am far from him, but thats the fun for me. fark paddle shifters. i rather mess up on my downshifts and go around nuburing in 30min then have the stupid computer revmatch for me.
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