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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
The reason people liked the K90 more than the previous Tour 90s was because of the newer weight distribution, which made it feel more maneuverable, have more pop and plow through, and go faster through the air even with the higher swingweight. And the reason people like the K88 more than the K90, is because the weight was reworked again, in such a way that power and spin are even more accessible regardless of the higher swingweight and mass! (You'll notice that even if you depolarize your racket heavily to such a degree it's meant only for flat hitters, you'll still find plenty of added spin thanks to the improved weight distribution.) The previous Tour 90s I'm guessing had most of the weight centralized near the top of the handle (right under or at where the Wilson W logo is, which could account for why the design had a longer pallet design than the PS85 and the K90). The K90 was reworked to move that weight more towards 3&9 (if not slightly higher) and maybe moving whatever's left of the mass closer to the buttcap. This explains the higher swingweight.

What really matters in making a racket the best that it can be is WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION. That and that alone is what makes a great racket what it is. Well... That and mass... But mass is useless if it's just slapped on randomly.
I completely agree with what you're saying and find the above very interesting. Im a fan of the weight distribution in the pst90 and didnt like the distribution in the k90 finding the hoop a little too stiff. With the kps 88 it seems IMO like a return to the weight distribution of the pst90 yet with a higher SW. So it feels real soft in the hoop like the pst90 yet has the plow of the k90.
The kps feels like wilson have married the 2 rackets and added a little pop.
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