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Originally Posted by jeffreyneave View Post
nasty comment by borgforever about me. I may admire laver a great deal bit i always use facts to back up my points and in 1964 its

laver rosewall
11 10 tournaments
2 1 majors
15 4 head to head

laver also had a much better win/loss percentage. its clear win for laver no matter how well rosewall actually played; rosewall is number 2 according to statistics and that's what counts.


I counted in the McCauley book ten tournament victories for Rosewall PLUS it states he won the Facis Trophy which I believe is a tournament. So I believe Rosewall very well won eleven tournaments as McCauley stated. This is stated on page 234 of the McCauley book. It is one line and I quote "Ken Rosewall was the overall winner of the Facis Trophy."

I believe in examining the record that Rod was the TRUE number one also but I also believe that for the purposes of this thread that you can also name Rosewall number one since he was OFFICIALLY number one.

Originally Posted by timnz View Post
I only have 10 tournament wins for Rosewall in 1964. Do you know what the 11th is?

Melbourne Pro (4-man tournament)
Masters Round Robin Pro (Los Angeles)
Saint Louis Volkswagen Pro Championships
Schiltz Pro Championships (Milwaukee)
San Remo Pro Championships (4-man tournament)
Venice Pro Championships (4-man tournament)
Cannes Pro
French Pro (Paris-Coubertin)
Hannover Pro
Western Province Pro (Cape Town)
Timnz, check my first paragraph above. I put the key words in bold.

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