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Originally Posted by jeffreyneave View Post
nasty comment by borgforever about me. I may admire laver a great deal bit i always use facts to back up my points and in 1964 its

laver rosewall
11 10 tournaments
2 1 majors
15 4 head to head

laver also had a much better win/loss percentage. its clear win for laver no matter how well rosewall actually played; rosewall is number 2 according to statistics and that's what counts.

I am sorry Jeffrey if you take my criticism of SOME OF THE THINGS YOU STATE as "nasty".

I clearly stated that I agree with your points and arguments to great degree AND YOU KNOW I HAVE BEEN OUTSPOKEN ABOUT THIS. But that doesn't excuse your inconsistencies in SOME your arguments, when Laver is concerned. What goes for Laver in your book doesn't work for Borg in 1977 and several other examples -- we all know them.

I've had my issues with people here and I know I make mistakes and at least try to own up to them constructively and, if possible, with arguments.

You Jeffrey, on the other hand, are, according to yourself infallible and no one here forgets your many uncalled for and very vicious and denigrating accusations without any argument whatsoever against Carlo Giovanni Colussi and others, calling him and others out, and I am paraphrasing "Carlo's opinions are rubbish, crap, that's stupid et al" without any back-up for those statements. Even Einstein, who was fairly smart, never expressed such slamming of people and situations. Maybe you're smarter than Einstein Jeffrey and are above courtesy and sensitivity.

This malicious and undiplomatic attitude of yours doesn't resemble, say, Cary Grant. I don't think I am wrong in saying that.

I guess you think you're perfect and that your only response to me was that I was "nasty" towards you -- without any argumentation as is Jeffrey's "expert modus operandi" it's been proven time and again -- all of which fits neatly into the profile you've presented of yourself here over the years.

That said -- the actual content of a vast majority of your posts are, IMO, uniformly excellent and of exceptional caliber. I wish I could say the same about your diplomatic skills...

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