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Originally Posted by Borgforever View Post
Hoodjem -- overall an excellent list of world no. 1s throughout recorded tennis history. I have just a few minor nit-pickings but, as usual, great work by you.

Jeffrey Neave -- as much as I respect his undeniable knowledge and fine posts here displays above -- IMO -- severe Laver-bias of the fatal and consistent kind that has become his trademark, besides overall harsh comments to posters disagreeing with him.

As regards to Laver as No. 1 in 1964, he is that too in my book, but not with Jeffrey cocky adamant stance which lacks credibility just with the basis of his arguments.

Remember Jeffrey Neave had Vilas as No. 1 in 1977, certainly a very debatable year, but Borg's biggest triumphs and H2Hs with Vilas was devastating -- in a way resembling 1964 and Laver and Rosewall.
BF, let's please leave the perceived biases or personalities of posters out of this debate.

Let us try to proceed with the stats first, or the opinions of so-called experts second. Please.

So did I have Vilas no. 1 in 1977 before I learned more fully and deeply. These are not sins.
Step 1: Refute content of argument. If that fails, Step 2: question intelligence of the author. If that fails, Step 3: demonize the messenger.

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