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First, to all, this has been an enjoyable and informative thread!

Second, to xFull (Dr. Lead Tape) or anyone else, I have a few follow up questions. If I put 2 grams at 12 o'clock, but also put 2 grams at 9 o'clock and 2 grams at 3 o'clock, is this essentially the same as "putting lead all around" the hoop? Does this negate any benefit of either the depolarized or polarized set up? Or does it give you some of the benefits of each? I'm counterbalancing these weights with lead in the handle, which is mostly on the grip 7" above the buttcap, in order to maintain HL balance. If it's okay to keep lead at all three places on the hoop (4 grams total at 9 and 3 & 2 grams at 12). Would this make it a primarily depolarized set up with a little more racquet head speed and spin? Any proper proportion for this kind of set up, such as putting 3 grams at 9 and 3 o'clock with 1-2 grams at 12 o'clock? Or is it just better to stick with one set up and sacrifice a little? I guess I kinda want it all! A bump up in swing weight, stability, and spin, while maintaining maneuverability and minimizing the increase in static weight.

BTW, for some reason, putting lead just at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock wasn't great for me. Hasn't been good for me with any racquet I've tried. Maybe because the sweet spot moved?

Unfortunately, I'm trying to figure this out with as little tinkering as possible because I have Head CAP grommets and would love to be able to hide the lead under them before the grommets get too flared to re-use.
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