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Point taken Hood -- it just irks me that such a fine poster as Jeffrey resorts to such statements that I just pointed out -- his arguments are strong enough in his posts and he doesn't need to enhance them with ridicule without back-up.

My comments regarding Jeffrey Neave's tone were made in an effort to better the debate climate and I hope this is quite clear.

Regarding the thread -- could you please motivate for me Hoodjem how Jimbo in your opinion could be considered lone No. 1 in 1976 and not Borg -- while at the same time you have Mac as lone No. 1 in 1983 and Vilas co-No. 1 in 1977?

As for stats Borg won in 1976 the WCT-finals, Wimby without set-loss and went to the QF at RG losing to eventual winner Panatta -- and he crushed everybody else including Nastase who was something like 500-1 against Jimbo in H2Hs by that time.

When it comes to stats and records in majors and such in 1976 Borg vastly outclasses Jimmy Connors record for that year, it's not even close -- Jimbo who had a great year, sure, but he didn't beat a peak form Borg. If that's the ruling logic around here I guess Del Potro's Shanghai'results lately weighs more than his USO-win and that Rafael Nadal must be playing his best tennis right now...

To heck with context, truth, facts, serious experts, records, history, nuance or arguments...

That's even better than Mac in 1983 and Ashe in 1975!

Those stats in the majors are miles better than Jimbo's that year. Same thing goes for 1983. Mac was 0-3 against Mats on red clay, HC cement and fast Aussie grass at Kooyong.

ALL STATS FAVOR BORG IN 1976 AND MATS IN 1983. That is the stats.

As for opinions for Borg as LONE No. 1 in 1976 John Barrett has changed his mind and has Borg for lone No. 1 as Björn Hellberg even back in 1976. Many tennis magazines had Borg as lone No. 1 that year also plus that all lists by sportwriters all over the world had Borg on their short list of the greatest athletes, regardless of sport, for that year.

FYI John Barrett has Laver as GOAT and so has Björn Hellberg who covered and personally saw every single tourney and big match almost from 1963-1990s -- and are pretty involved still. He sends his greeting by the way.

He also has Wilander as lone No. 1 in 1983 by a wide margin. Mac wasn't consistent enough. That simple.

In 1977 Vilas, who had -- by lucky fortune, excellence and the finest classic major record for 1977 -- even though he was worse off in H2H against Borg that year than Borg had against Jimbo in 1976, while he was injured.

You see after Wimby -- Borg didn't hold racquet for 30 days straights, hardly any other exercise since his stomach-muscles healed so slowly that he hardly could stand upright. Borg's form, as you can see on the videos from Wimby 1976 to USO 1976, is like night and day.

Stat-time again. Borg had like 15 winners in the USO 1976-final and he wasn't that far from winning that too. Very impressive stat.

As a contrast of form for Björn he had about 52 winners in three sets against an experienced, 18-0 sets into the final Nastase.

Anyone see a form difference? Did Jimbo beat the best Borg.

As for krosero's arguments for Jimbo beating Borg for 3 years, well, he almost lost USO 1976 to a mediocre Borg and he was beaten by Borg just a few months later and continued to be slaughtered by Fortress for five years straight -- only capping a fine win at YEC Masters-final played in January 1978 then blown to smithereens like 10 times in a row or something.

Hood, do you think krosero's arguments above is so expert that they trump Barrett's, Hellberg's and a whole slew of great sportwriters, as regards to 1976?

I certainly don't.

If H2H's is so big Jimbo should be after Nastase in 1976 and Mac should be ranked behind Lendl in 1981 -- since the famous Czech mutilated Mac, what was it -- 4 times in 1981. He wasn't even close.

You must address these issues -- this thread is too great to marred by such faux pas, however few...

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