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Originally Posted by Borgforever View Post
As for krosero's arguments for Jimbo beating Borg for 3 years, well, he almost lost USO 1976 to a mediocre Borg and he was beaten by Borg just a few months later and continued to be slaughtered by Fortress for five years straight (only capping a fine win at YEC Masters-final played in January 197.

Hood, do you think krosero's arguments above is so expert that they trump Barrett's, Hellberg's and a whole slew of great sportwriters, as regards to 1976?

I certainly don't.
Sorry, your knowledge of these other experts is more encyclopaedic than mine. (Salut to Meister Hellberg.) I do find Krosero's points rather credible. But perhaps I should go back to my double listing strategy.

Lots of fine opinions and difficult sifting going on.
Step 1: Refute content of argument. If that fails, Step 2: question intelligence of the author. If that fails, Step 3: demonize the messenger.

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