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Originally Posted by Borgforever View Post

Co-No. 1 is okey for 1976 -- be diplomatic when things are very close -- but put Borg's name first Hood -- firstly B in Borg comes before C as in Connors in the alphabet and the momentum for Jimbo as No. 1 during the time came from the fact that Jimbo had been dominant in 1974 and great in 1975 and great in 1976 and considered only becoming better and better AND since his H2H with Fortress was quite in THE BELLEVILLE BASHER'S favor many saw that as strong arguments ...
And some say you don't have a sense of humor. Your wit makes the Wilkinson Sword Co. blush with envy.
In the end, the aggressive all-court player always has the advantage against a power-bashing baseliner.

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