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Originally Posted by Borgforever View Post
Hood, if you put Mac and Mats as co-No. 1s in 1983 and BB and JC as the same in 1976 -- I have no issues. I would go with Mats and Borg alone for those years -- but, it's debatable, and to leave some room for error is a very sound idea IMO.

I mean the list you presented here is, if we exclude these very few debatable years, perfect. The finest I've seen.

Sgt John has made some stunningly great lists also -- but this one by you Hoodjem is just sublime. Especially since you leave room for error and do not restrict yourself to one name per year if there's a legit debate to be had about those years.

The next step would be a thread about the strongest No. 2s throughout history. Not everything is about being the top dog...
The idea about the strongest number two players in history sounds very interesting. Jimmy Connors had some superb years in the late 1970's and so did Borg of course.

We can also examine Rosewall and Laver in the 1960's like the year 1964 that we were all discussing.

Lendl in 1982 had a fantastic year but didn't win any majors so I believe Connors was number one.

Perhaps the 1920's with Tilden and the French Musketeers would have been interesting. Perhaps they may have all have had great records for some years.
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