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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post used to always recommend adding lead just above the buttcap. Did you recently switch to the "top of the handle" and which do you like better?
Jack I always advocated weight top of handle as I thought thats where it had the best affect IMO. Like the posts from xFCTx I was just refering to polarised and depolarised customisations to show that there was a choice.

I started reading J cauthen posts first and tried that and liked the affect Then I read travlerajm who advocated extreme polarisation and tried that but could never come to terms with it. I, like Travlerajm went on to adding weight top of handle and 12" a mix of both theories. It worked great with the OPT and in an extreme version the LM Rad but not so with the heavier pro staffs.
I dont have any weight on the kps88 as it seems to have the weight distribution im looking for.

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