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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Good idea, but someone else . . . .

One problem I have when creating a list like this is listening to all the arguments and sifting all the stats and opposing points, then I finally think I have it all down to the one name by that certain year, so I put it down.

Then a few months later, someone will make a really good point, and I think "So why did I put that name and not the other one?" . . . because I have forgotten all the rationales and reasoning behind the assignations.
Understandable. The great about tennis history now is that we have so much more information available to us now that wasn't there just several years ago. The negative is that we often have information overload and we have to find a way to use the information correctly.

I'm with you, it's tough to remember the reasoning for something you wrote a while ago.

Nevertheless a thread like this is great for gathering information and opinions.

Anyway you can always change your mind based on new info. There's no shame in that.
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