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Originally Posted by lenderbender View Post
Awesome posts!

just two things though,

1. has anybody found that they get a massive bulge from the lead tape at 7inches? suppose it would help to start off with a more headlight racket to minimize the amount you have to add there?

2. What exactly is the weight range of SW2? say 340s 350s+ ?

I had 20g top of handle spread over a few cm it did bulge a little but i have a 1HBH and it didnt affect me. Must have been a slightly heavier lead too.
It had more affect on an even balance racket making it more HL (ie the LM Rad went from 2or3pts HL to 9pts HL and had a greater affect due to the amount of weight placed there as its such a tinny frame. I added about 10g to 10 &2 and it worked a dream. The SW would have been 350 or so.
I think SW2 when travlerajm was discussing it was in the high 300s.
If you have a spare week or so get the threads up! A lot of posts unfortunately have been deleted tho.
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