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Great points Hood. But that's why we start these threads.

The debate, the exchange of perspective, experiences, discipline, judgments and opinions is truly the vital foundation -- the important factor on the long and winding road to greater understanding and serious development. I re-read a lot, memory needs exercise, I see the "the little grey cells" as an abstract muscle that needs strengthening every day.

All these minor nuances and gazillion details cannot be mastered all the time. But our posts remain. And the texts don't forget.

I am writing the Hellberg-article now. Soon done. I translate freely. I also found some seriously great Laver-articles by Hellberg that I feel very tempted to write in here too.

I mean Björn Hellberg sat a few yards away from Gonzalez, Rosewall and "The Rocket" when they fought their most shining battles. His memory is nothing short of, well, nothing!?

His recollections a liquid gold. If you want to I'll write some of them too. Hellberg's brain, tennis-understanding, eye for the most minute detail without ever losing the overall pivotal aspects in tennis-analysis and writing skill is excellent.

To say the least. He's a true hero of mine. Strange as it may sound -- since I was 8 years old in fact...

His books and articles about tennis was one of the first things I read voraciously as a kid. He got me into reading Rex Bellamy, Tingay, studying Hopman -- you name them...

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