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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
I had 20g top of handle spread over a few cm it did bulge a little but i have a 1HBH and it didnt affect me. Must have been a slightly heavier lead too.
It had more affect on an even balance racket making it more HL (ie the LM Rad went from 2or3pts HL to 9pts HL and had a greater affect due to the amount of weight placed there as its such a tinny frame. I added about 10g to 10 &2 and it worked a dream. The SW would have been 350 or so.
I think SW2 when travlerajm was discussing it was in the high 300s.
If you have a spare week or so get the threads up! A lot of posts unfortunately have been deleted tho.
well at the moment i'm using a lm rad and what i've done is stuck a chunk of blue tac (xD) into the holes in the bottom and lead tape from like the top of the silver ridge down to 3/9 on both sides. Weighing in at about 335g (with 17g strings, was 340 with 16g i think dodgy scale probably).

Is the aim of leadtape at 7 to maximise ploughthrough? If it is to reduce shock I think the blue tack is doing its job quite well

Just did a search -> 'SW2 is defined as a swingweight above 360, and is in the 'Maximum Spin Zone.' The 'Maximum Power Zone' is in the 350-360 range, according to TravlerAjm, but at that SW your spin will start to seriously lose out.'

For refernce i've copied what was in the link:

"The problem is likely that you placed the lead too low in the hoop (I presume that you centered the hoop weight at the 3&9 position, giving you a SW of about 350). A swingweight between 350 and 360 is in the max-power zone, where it's hard to generate spin, but easy to hit with power. To get into the heavy ball zone, you need to get your swingweight up to 365 or more. E.g., Nadal's swingweight is about 370.

Try shifting the 15 grams of hoop lead upward so that it is only in the top half of the hoop, centered at about 24" from the butt. Then when you test it, if it is overpowered, add a gram or so more. And if it is underpowered, then subtract a gram or two.

Also, you'll need to learn how to let the racquet do the work by using a high backswing on groundstrokes. You can't wrist the ball with a swingweight that high." -TravlerAjm

Gonna have to take into account this customization when i get my next racket ~~ looking at youtek rad pro which is probably a v. good starting platform for juicing to SW2. PST hmm gonna have to start some arm strengthening exercises

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Wouldn't 7 inches up be about where your top hand would end (on a 2HBH)? I just put both my hands on a ruler and it measured about 7 inches. So just go a bit higher so the lead is ABOVE where your top hand would be. Then you won't feel the lead. I dont think a little higher than 7 inches would matter that much?
cheers for pointing that out, was too lazy to get my ruler out lol.

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