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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
How were those? Do they have the shorter pallet like the K90? Or was it the same thing, just with Federer's signature?

(Who knows, I might've played with that instead of the regular n90. )
I doubt you played with it by "accident" because they were sold only in Japan for a short time and they were VERY expensive because they were limited edition and came with packs of strings, posters, pictures, autographs, and a bunch of fan stuff, and also because everything in Japan is so expensive.

The DID NOT have the shorter pallet like the K90. They had the same long pallet as the retail nCode90. The only differences were the string density at the PWS and Federer's signature on the side. I've never hit with one myself so I can only go by others who have.
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