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Originally Posted by steve728 View Post
Sorry, I can't edit my posts yet. I guess my questions above go to this. Does this suggestion mean we really shouldn't mix the two setups at all....or simply just to try each setup separately to see the effects of each?
I suggest trying each separately until you understand what each setup will do for you. From there, pick the one you liked best, go as far as you can with it (as far as you feel is improving your game), then you can mix in a little from the other setup. Don't try to merge both setups together 50/50. I've tried and failed epically. A 13.5 ounce super polarized racket with mega weights at 3&9 didn't play nearly as well as I expected. You'll notice that the setup you prefer will give you what you want in the end anyways. Both give power and spin, just in different ways and different amounts. Torsional stability isn't exactly given to a polarized racket though so in the end I think most polarized rackets should have some lead at 3&9 anyways for stability unless they racket was already very stable. (I used a RDS003, which isn't really that stable to begin with, especially when polarized to such a degree.)

Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
It adds stability. If you think of the vibration or shock from the ball on thie strings resonating down the racket then weight at the top of the handle should reduce the shock and vibration of the frame before meeting the hand.

Im sure i couldve explained that better ha!
It also makes it feel more maneuverable since there's plenty of heft right above your hand. Same idea as a polarized racket adding racket head speed from the whippy kind of effect, only it's closer to your hand so it's easier to control.

Also, lead in the buttcap (unless placed several inches above the buttcap location) does nothing aside from add a feeling of heft in your hand (since there's more weight in the area where you hold it). It will make it a slightly more solid pivot point (good for polarized rackets), but overall it doesn't do that much overall to performance. Power on a racket comes from the mass that is close to and behind the ball at contact. That's why the depolarized racket has more power - the counterweight is closer to contact than for a polarized racket. A depolarized racket places all/most of the weight as close to contact as possible without making it too unwieldy, which generally results in most of the weight being near the center of the racket.

Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
I had 20g top of handle spread over a few cm it did bulge a little but i have a 1HBH and it didnt affect me. Must have been a slightly heavier lead too.
It had more affect on an even balance racket making it more HL (ie the LM Rad went from 2or3pts HL to 9pts HL and had a greater affect due to the amount of weight placed there as its such a tinny frame. I added about 10g to 10 &2 and it worked a dream. The SW would have been 350 or so.
I think SW2 when travlerajm was discussing it was in the high 300s.
If you have a spare week or so get the threads up! A lot of posts unfortunately have been deleted tho.
I had 14 grams and it's not even noticeable.

Swingweight2 depends on the player. I've already explained how to find it. Pros have it at around 370. For rec players, 350 might be well into swingweight2 already.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Wouldn't 7 inches up be about where your top hand would end (on a 2HBH)? I just put both my hands on a ruler and it measured about 7 inches. So just go a bit higher so the lead is ABOVE where your top hand would be. Then you won't feel the lead. I dont think a little higher than 7 inches would matter that much?
It differs from player to player. If I used a two handed backhand, I would prefer the lead tape to be a little higher up. Sadly, this raises the swingweight quite noticeable. If you could settle for a monster forehand and having your backhand being mainly driven by your left hand (like it should) to get the weight through the ball, you should be fine. Though yes you should experiment with it a little higher up to see how it works. But I think the result would be slightly detrimental to your forehand and serve, unless you can manage that swingweight. If you can, totally go for it! It will give you more power!
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