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Originally Posted by TennisTypeR View Post
Hey thanks for your reply, its ok though. haha Anyone here has experience and may like to share?
Honestly, I doubt it does have that counterweight built in though. Like I said, the ProStaff Tour was meant for Sampras. The counterweighting was meant for Sampras' depolarized setup.

The [K]Blade Tour is more of a finished product racket (already has the weight distributed correctly, not overly favoring one position over others).

If it feels too whippy, I would suggest depolarizing it with some lead at 3&9 and counterbalance weight around the top of the handle, just like a standard depolarized setup. That'll make it feel more like a solid bat that can really smack through the ball.

I'd recommend leading it up with 10-12 grams, evenly distributing it at 3&9 and above the handle. This means 5-6 grams up at 3&9 and 5-6 above the handle (or top of the handle under the grip tape). From there, if that's not enough, add more to the head 1 or 2 grams at a time. If it feels too heavy, then remove some of the lead at 3&9 and move it to the counterbalance point until you feel like you've got it swinging in sync with your arm (you'll know the feeling; it's like the racket feels perfect in your hand when swinging it and on the court if follows your hand and arm perfectly like an extension of it). It takes a bunch of trial and error to find the exact perfect setup, but once you get there it's worth it (until your racket goes out of production).
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