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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post

It differs from player to player. If I used a two handed backhand, I would prefer the lead tape to be a little higher up. Sadly, this raises the swingweight quite noticeable. If you could settle for a monster forehand and having your backhand being mainly driven by your left hand (like it should) to get the weight through the ball, you should be fine. Though yes you should experiment with it a little higher up to see how it works. But I think the result would be slightly detrimental to your forehand and serve, unless you can manage that swingweight. If you can, totally go for it! It will give you more power!
So putting lead 7" from the end is only for players with a 1HBH? Why would moving it up maybe 1" make it that much different? Also, why would that RAISE the SW since the weight is closer to the center? Would I be better off putting the weight just above the buttcap and also at 3/9? What do you recommend?

Also, wouldn't the ultimate in depolarising a racquet be to just add all the weight at the throat?

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