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1) Thanks for that helpful thread!

2) You gave us a link to traverajm "how to set your rac. like an ATP pro"

In step 6 is a formula where to find the balance point: R=44,57/sqrt(M)

I have one rac. Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 where this formula works together with lead at 7" from butt perfectly. By the way I have 12g at 52, 10g at 7" that brings the rac. to an overall weight of 379g (13.37), 310mm bal. point(10.4HL)
and a SW of 356. This must be an excellent depoarized setup. So far so good!

With most of other rac. you canīt use this formula exactly, because bringing the SW around 355, reconmend counterbalance lead, directly to the butt cap and this is not the idea of a depolarized setup!

My question now:
What is more important?
) bringing the rac. in the near of SW 355, counterbalance at 7", and have a bal. point of about 320mm (7pts HL) or
) following the formula but then you will acieve only SW in the 340 range or less?
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