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Regarding the fact that this is only three points -- i. e. much too brief to base as any kind of evidence beyond reasonable doubt so anyone who does that based on this doesn't use their grey cells very actively.

We need to see AT LEAST a full great match from this era (rather five to ten ful matches with sound to even build a solid case for a decisive judgement PLUS that we don't know at all the tactics and the stage of the match these glimpses were taken from, it lacks sound (extremely important for a sound judgment -- pun intended).

If we just took three random points from the Del Petro vs Federer USO 2009 F and Federer shanks a weak second serve, Del Potro DFs and then after a brief, uninspired rally Federer fires a forced error from the BH in the corridor -- many matches are filled with patches of errors and weaker rallies, even the best of them -- so if we saw some long distance, jerky shots without sound for those shots people in a century from now would go "Aw, they suck! Overrated! Total bs, yadda, yadda, yadda!" Same BS different day...

Tennis, which is sad, takes some time to really grasp and understand the size and variations of. It also takes quite an effort even to be decent on court. Try explain the point system and the intricacies for non-tennis-fans.

It sounds absolutely, grotesquely baroque in it's weirdness. Break-points, tie-break, love, 40-15, 5th deuce, all the detailed tactics.

Crap -- it's a science. Takes half a life-time one is always a student...

That said -- I do think Tilden throws a mean second serve in the first point in the deuce-court which Lacoste (or is it Tilden -- I just looked twice -- I am busy but will study a bit more) thunders almost a clean, bombing cross-court FH-on.

Next point Tilden throws a nastily nice BH-slice in a great angle that Lacoste cannot dig up...

No really great or marvelous Federer-hitting between the legs point or the most nuclear serve or the most sickening passing-shot or the most dizzyingly fantastic volley-work on display here which would shock me if the footage here did include. That would mean that they would've needed to record the entire match, select the most typical and greatest and most important shots, rallies and big point-moments.

Something that just didn't happen really before TV in the 1950s sadly...

Still I love this footage Gzhpcu -- thanks, you're a trooper yet again!

And reserve judgment until we know. We just might dig up some serious evidence.

My Doherty-footage is very promising indeed. It's marvelous, with sound, right speed -- it's a lot of work. Man it takes a lot out of me.

But -- I am indeed doing the world's first highlight-reel with sound from the Eastbourne-final of 1900 with many rallies both from the singles and doubles-match!

With the immortal R. F. too around his peak. Too good to be true...

Nuts! A shock to the system...
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