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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
I think this match between Tilden and Vines gives a better view of what they were capable of. Vines creates a net point that looks not out of place in modern tennis.

The last serve of the match seems to be of considerable pace and also a serve by Tilden about 1/2 way through the video seems to be very heavy (Vines returned it out).

Tilden is the one with the rolled up sleeves and Vines is the one with a short sleeve shirt.

Recommend you go to full screen.
Great stuff. Look at Tilden's Tanneresque service, WA-BANG and Vines is smooth and deadly. This is great play. These racquets hardly had any serious grips on them, was thicker and heavier than if you held a cut-down redwood tree in your hands...

Well, not maybe not exactly the size of a redwood-tree -- but they were nothing like ones today so heavy they were directly clumsy to wield -- disguise was also of extreme importance back then and to appear to be doing something while doing something else was an art-form. Today it's just about -- well, almost -- power -- and if the precision missiles are off by a couple of fractions of an inch -- the tennis know-how ends -- and the player, as we witness way too often, just becomes a sitting duck and yawn-inducing cannon-fodder for the guy with a just a bit more daily form.

That's the sad part of todays game. The finer tactical maneuvers are usually only seen around the top ten, if that, nowadays...

The way Vines deals aggressively creating the opportunity at the net and killing the shot is text-book and has all the hallmarks of truly superior talent.

Big Bill's serve is a beaut. And he punishes the match-point with panache. Man I wish I saw the whole deal. I dislike the world and it's limitations

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