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This has got nothing to do with the OP, I know, just adding to what I was saying about tactics above:

Worst example I've seen this year, the awful Söderling at RG against Roger. Note I don't have an asterisk on Roger's victory mainly because of his Madrid-Rafa-destruction (even if Rafa was tired after a 4-hour SF and probably by the ropes form-wise) and his Haas and Del Potro-clutch-kills --

-- And that he played The Sod like a champ. Slicing, not giving Robin any target for his power-game -- playing disciplined all the way through and deserved the title. Sad thing was, well, I was happy Sod lost, but from a tennis-perspective it would've been more interesting if Söderling had something in store for that tactic, which was predictable -- he hadn't. With brilliance and one tactical-move Roger took it.

Söderling didn't change a losing game. Incompetent. Absolutely. Boring.

The 1969 Wimby-final, Newk started chipping his returns low to Laver's first volley and then started lobbing away, surpising the champ with such a weird tactic that it threw the momentum in John's way. Trouble was, Laver was no dummy when it came to HQ-work and started -- lobbing back, maneuvered himself into the match, adapted, as was characteristic and then unleashed teh tidal-wave again...

Elder players, even the lower ranked ones, were muuuuuuuch more wily and a lot of aces up their sleeves.

Today's tech allows players to hit balls giving a way higher sound on the dB-range -- yesterday's tech allowed player's to it their balls with a vastly higher IQ-range...

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