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Originally Posted by tennisdad65 View Post
competitive with 5.5 today. These guys play with their wooden racquets and the 5.5 plays with modern racquets.

I will personally come over and slap you, if you say a modern 4.5 will beat these guys.
Even this is not a fair comparison, you really cant compare diff era's. These guys were the best athletes in the world and the most skilled tennis players using the equipment of the time. 5.5 players today are not open players and surely not world class players because of these skills that make players "world class". The way that Tilden, Budge, Vines and these other great players shown on these old videos hit the balls with those 14oz wood rackets with 65" heads on tricky fast grass wearing pants and vintage sneakers is exceptional. Most modern fans and players can just not appreciate these conditions.
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