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Originally Posted by jzn10nis View Post
In the case of kpt I don't think a polarized setup is the best option. When I polarized (no added weight at 3&9) the racket, it felt more unstable but you do get more spin which I really don't need because I can provide my own spin. With a depolarized setup, you get stability and a little power w/o sacrificing maneuverability even though you're adding more mass. So I was thinking 14g at 3&9 and 2g at buttcap. This gives me my preferred swingweight and balance and it's more stable than my previous setup. There's a minimal increase in power potential and plow index. It also brings the racket's weight to 12 oz which makes it more stable. What do u think?
That's more or less exactly what I reccomended. Though I don't know about starting with 14 grams. That's quite a bit of weight. Though, since the static weight will end up being 12 ounces, there might not have been much weight up there to begin with, so it's probably not the same as a K90 with roughly the same weight added to the same place. Though I could still easily handle that and played the best running forehands of my life.

And I'd prefer the counterbalance a bit farther up, but it's your call. You might like it better there.
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