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where to begin, as beautiful as it is sv isn't something that you just wake up and decide to do. Especially in today's game with the rackets and strings. There are so many nuances that take years and years to get, like when you should hit a low volley or when you should let it bounce, the movement is also so more strenuous.

Even without playing I could move side to side all day, sv movement gets me tired in about 6 games. I consider my serve a very strong weapon and have a vid of it here somewhere, that being said I don't sv against a good player on my 2nd serve if I play singles. I just get a forehand shoved down my throat. Look at taylor dent the last pure sv, he doesn't even come in on the 2nd ball now.

You need to mix up the serve, be able to slice, drive, kick, twist to all corners and the short wide one too. Your split step has to be well timed and balanced. But you have to get in a good percentage because even if you hit a 2nd type serve on the first serve you opponent isn't in the mindset of bash it. That's key.

Post a vid of your serve, your volley and movement but I'm going to say sv only against your weaker opponents, there is a reason it's a dieing breed in today's game.
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