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Personally, I think that you can serve and volley off of any serve, so long as you can place the serve well. It does require a bit of a change in mindset, however. A flat serve is often problematic because it takes away from your time to get to the net and can be blocked back to your feet. Either a good slice serve that stays low or a good kicking serve that rises out of the opponent's comfort zones are good for forcing weaker returns.

With a serve and volley game, you don't need winners - you need to prevent dipping returns at your feet- deep blistering returns are fine, because you are in a good position to response to these high shots. In fact it is often very effective to switch up your serve and volley and staying back, so that you can take advantage of the wrong return (e.g., punish the short return when you stay back).

Things to keep in mind if you want to serve and volley.

1) be aggressive - S&V is a very aggressive mindset - its about hitting winners and forcing your opponent to hit either winners or unforced errors.

2) similarly, this means you cannot get discouraged when a couple of the opponents shots get past you. it happens a lot. You need to have a short memory and force your game. Think of if this way - if you are getting passed at will by someone who rips winners, chances are that you are playing someone a lot better than you.

3) practice the serve/approach foot work, so you explode forward towards the net after the serve. With just an hour of practice, you could get a lot better and deeper into the court before the return.

4) likewise, you need to stop with a jump step when your serve bounces in the service box. You will never hit effective volleys running forward.
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