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Originally Posted by Texastennis View Post
Here's the first long piece I've seen by someone who's actually read Agassi's book - and note how misleading the extract snippets have been. For instance, what he actually says apparently is that he wanted to be more like Pete - very appreciative.
You got that from this article? I missed it, I guess. But I found this particular snippet to be pretty funny:

"When he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Pete Sampras offered a provocative, minimalist self-assessment saying, 'Iím just a tennis player. Nothing more, nothing less.' Agassi said he envied 'Peteís dullness. I wish I could emulate his spectacular lack of inspiration.'"

That's not saying Agassi had no respect for Pete...just that he had no way of understanding Sampras' expressions.

In any case, thanks much for the link, as it was genuinely interesting!
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