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Originally Posted by Ripper014 View Post
1. 2006 Nadal
2. 1977 Vilas
3. 1978 Borg
I vote . . .
1. 1978 Borg-2008 Nadal (tie)
3. 1977 Vilas
4. 2006 Nadal

2006 Nadal lost three sets in the whole FO tournament. 1977 Vilas lost one set for the tournament. 2008 Nadal or 1978 Borg lost zero sets in the whole tournament. (1978 Borg beat Barazzutti 0-1-0 in the semis. Ouch!)

2008 Nadal positively crushed (1-3-0) Fed in the FO final. Ouch!

Most one-sided match between two high quality players I've seen in a long time.
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