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Originally Posted by TW Professor View Post
I plugged your numbers into the customization worksheet ( using our measurements for our test RDIS 300. The screenshot below shows the results. That configuration increased power by 4.34% and increased plowthrough in the center of the racquet by 10.8%.

Remember, power potential is the percent of impact speed (ball speed plus racquet speed) returned by the racquet. Plowthrough Index is the percent of racquet speed at the impact location (center of racquet) that is retained by the racquet after impact (i.e., "plowthrough"). (If you aren't familiar with all the power tools—power potential, shot speed, sweet spot zones, shot distance, hittingweight, plowthrough, racquet head speed—we have a video tutorial that gives an overview of all these by going to and clicking "video tutorial" in the lower left corner of the page.
This is a wonderful thread and extremely informative. Moving the lead from 1.2" to 7" under the grip is a great idea--especailly if it adds more stability and less vibration on my left wrist on the 2hb! For some reason I can never get the TW Customization worksheet to work for me and it always says "unable to create request"--not sure what I am doing wrong as all the fields are filled in??

I am basically looking to add some more stability to this stick. I have been demoing a bunch of sticks lately and none really have blown me away so I figured I would continue to tinker with my current sticks and go from there-

After reading this thread and posts I have configured 2 of my prince tour diablo mp as follows.

Standard stock stats for the Prince Diablo MP from TW:
Length 27.25
Static: 11.3oz
Balance Point/HL 12.6"/32.5cm

(Each racquet has a Pro Supex overgrip (.2oz) and a Sampras O dampner at .1oz making it strung, OG, dampner static weight of 11.6oz per the digital postal scale I have)

#1: I added 6.75g at 22" (closer to 9/3) and also 8g 7" from bottom of grip.
New static is 12.1oz
Balance 12.55in

#2: I added 3g to 12 and also have 5g at 3/9.
New static is 11.88oz
Balance 12.7in

I would love to know what the new SW measurements are on these setups--I promise I have tried numerous times to use the worksheet but can not seem to get it to ever work for me--any tips or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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