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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
It adds stability. If you think of the vibration or shock from the ball on thie strings resonating down the racket then weight at the top of the handle should reduce the shock and vibration of the frame before meeting the hand.

Im sure i couldve explained that better ha!
Tried my new setups today and can certainly attest to the better stability and less vibration with the lead at 7" spot. I now have 7g at 7". I played today with 6.75g at 22" mark and stick felt a little sluggish, but had much better stability and my 2hb felt much more solid than before with no lead. Serves were OK, but not great. Got home and decided to reduce the weight from 6.75g down to 5.5g and now at 20" (3/9) in order to get some more of the HL balance back. Figured the SW using some calculators right about 325.

Does adding the weight at 7" have just a minimal effect on SW--mainly anything above 3/9 is where the bigger jumps in SW come into play, with 12 obviously having the biggest boost with less weight being added?
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