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I'm listening to the audio version right now and I can't wait to hear the rest of it. I've also read Sampras' autbiography and just like on the court they couldn't be more different. Pete's book concentrated on the overall experience and his aim at becoming the best player in the world. He spoke of his supportive family and the people he surrounded himself with at different times in his career all with the singular goal of becoming the best in the world.

I'm not even into the third chapter of Andre's book and it describes things in minute almost excrutiating detail. He talks at length about experiences and about how "alone" he feels at all times because of tennis. Pete talks about emotions in storybook fashion with the perspective of having lived through the experience. Andre describes circumstances in the present tense as if they are being relived all over again.

Where Pete's book is factual, straightforward and uncomplicated. Andre's is emotionally charged, detail-oriented and incredibly complex. I'm really interested to finish it and regardless of its revelations I think it will be a good read for completely different reasons than Pete's book.
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