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That was a great interview with Andre. Martina comes out looking like a complete a-hole.
Martina N would have gone off on her self-righteous, completely misguided, misdirected, over the top outbursts if Andre wasn't the husband of Steffi Graf? Why her vehemence that is so off center? I don't believe Andre and the meth use was her main topic. Not missing an opportunity to back stab Steffi Graf whom she hates forever is the reason. From endlessly backstabbing Graf by accusing her of faking injuries (!) in her career and even to the extent of proclaiming Monica could have been the greatest player of all time - but for the 93 stabbing incident. Yes, Martina N would even use THAT to backstab Steffi Graf. Who believes Martina N thinks anything of the sort seeing her own opinion of herself, endlessly repeated, that SHE is the greatest player of all time. Who was it who was leading the backstabbing campaign of criticism and complaint against Monica up to and especially including 92 Wimbledon? Martina and Novotna. Who was the only person not to backstab Monica then? Steffi! Poor Martina.

Personally, I have always believed Martina to be the greater, more complete player than Steffi. So what?

I'm really, really glad Steffi isn't Martina.

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