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Originally Posted by Topspinchris View Post
where can I get one of those
I got mine from a place called The Sportsmans Guide. I get their catalogs sent to me every couple months, I'm sure that they are online as well. Just look up sportsmansguide dot com and they should come up.
The light works very well, as you can position it just where you like it, and its still out of the way to turn the turntable around.Small florescent bulbs has nice even light.I did have to put mine on a small box a few inches high on the floor,just to raise the height the proper amount, but it was just what I needed.Once it is in position its there all the time. I'm surprised that the stringing machine companies don't have something like this attached to their machine, as this and a cup holder would have been nice!
You would not be dissapointed with a light like this, especially at night, as the room that I string in is not that well lighted bright.
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