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Originally Posted by jrod View Post
At least the guy is doing some good locally in Vegas. It's more than many politicians do in their entire lifetimes. Besides, he's got all the qualifications to make a good politician: toupe, drugs/alcohol, lies.

Quite frankly, I get tired of politicians constantly talking about how they are going to solve our problems and then either never delivering or worse. I think we'd be better off with more folks like Agassi in office and less of the standard we now "enjoy".
Absolutely. Agassi Prep is a shining example.

Politics, though, man...I hope he does a good job. I'm rooting for him. I'm not a fan of this episode at all, but I hope, like tennis, he ends up using it for the greater good.

Speaking of the 'standard we now enjoy' in US politics...did anyone see a photo of that session (I forget if it was the Senate floor or Congress) of the computer screens during a session? Two elected officials spent that time playing Solitaire and another was checking his Facebook page. Pathetic.
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