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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post

Do yourselves a favour and look at the players McEnroe beat to win Wimbledon in 83, then look at the players Connors beat to win the US Open in 83 and then look at the players Wilander beat to win the Australian that same year. If you come away thinking that Wilander had the easiest road to the final, you just shouldn't be allowed to discuss the game in public.
You can't just look at who they beat to get to final, surely you have to look at the whole draw. And the discussion is about when is AO a full equal major?

And many people think late 80's. It was certainly growing from early 80's but it was at a real low in late 70's and took time to recover?

I'm not an expert but that's what I've read, I may be very wrong!
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