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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Yep, he played for a good number of clubs, Barcelona included. He was pretty much Germany's number 1 for the past few years and had a good chance of keeping the position for the World Cup (although they do have good young keepers like Neuer, Adler etc..)

It's really sad for his wife as you say, they had only recently adopted a baby after a child they had died on them a few years ago.
Barcelona as well? I'll be damned.

Germany's chances in South Africa have just taken another hit (Jermaine Jones' deciding to suit up for his true country not withstanding). Who else could play keeper for them? Adler is too inexperienced, Neuer is WAY too young, Lehman is retired, etc... They should have Oliver Kahn come out of retirement just for this tournament

The groups aren't out yet (I keep hearing December 2nd though!) and nor are the seedings but this just deepens my hunch that Germany won't get past the Quarter Finals this time around.
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