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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Guy in white might have played 5.0 tournaments, but he's a decent 3.5 at best with not much hope for making solid 4.5's. He's doesn't have movement, pace, reactions, coverage, or much more than basic skills.
I lower level player can always enter multiple Open tournements, but unless he can win 2-4 rounds in each, he does'nt really belong there.
Guy in white doesn't win any rounds in 5.0 tournaments, so doesn't belong there regardless of my spelling.
I know the guy, he's a friend of mine. He'd wipe all of the people here, who are detracting him across the court and make them look silly. He may be a little "chubby" , but I bet he'd be having you skinny guys panting and out of breath and stalling for a break and begging for mercy, while he is barely breaking a sweat and laughing. Videos are deceptive..............

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