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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Guy in white might have played 5.0 tournaments, but he's a decent 3.5 at best with not much hope for making solid 4.5's. He's doesn't have movement, pace, reactions, coverage, or much more than basic skills.

I lower level player can always enter multiple Open tournements, but unless he can win 2-4 rounds in each, he does'nt really belong there.
Guy in white doesn't win any rounds in 5.0 tournaments, so doesn't belong there regardless of my spelling.

I don't quite follow that reasoning. Only half the entrants in a given 5.0 tournament make it past the 1st round. 75% of the entrants fail to win the 2nd round. So none of these players belong in a 5.0 tournament?

So let's eliminate all those players from a 5.0 event. Half of the players left will then lose in the first round. So clearly, they do not belong either. We can take it further & eliminate them also from entering a 5.0 event. Taken to its logical conclusion, there is only 1 guy that belongs in a 5.0 tournament. Since this would be the case, there is no reason to hold tournaments at all!!!
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