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Default Agassi but which one

All said and done about Andre.If Andre goes political I think the real story is going to be the father.As tennis fathers go the father has been absolutely invisible to the media.I mean a few things pop up here and there but I can't help feeling there's a lot more to know about this guy than is getting out.
Consider other tennis fathers.Mary Pierce's dad,Capriotti's, Dokic's, Uri Sharapova and Richard Willams who has had more face time than a lot of the players on tour.
So what's interesting about the senior Agassi?If Andre goes public we may find out.Or not.
I have heard he is Iranian,Armanian and somethig else I have not heard of,Assirian, or something to that effect and he is well conected in Vagas.
There may be lots of public info about him and I've just missed it.
This is the story line I'm waiting for now.
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