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Originally Posted by Elaine S. View Post
How big was the group at Saddlebrook? Trying to decide between Newks & Saddlebrook the week after Thanksgiving(or the following week if flights are exorbitant), and both seem to be a great place to have fun and play tennis.

Also, I'm trying to get my girl-pal to come, but she's still wavering... if I do it alone, which one would be better for a lone woman? I'm not exactly a hermit, but have a little difficulty barging in on couples that seem to be in deep conversation... (no, not looking for any hookups - boyfriend just doesn't play tennis...)
I've not been to Saddlebrook, but heard good things about it. Have been to Newk's several times. Twice I went with a group, but the other times I traveled alone. Newk's is great for single travlers. All meals are taken as a group, and the pro's join you for meals as well. If you want to socialize a bit after supper, but pro's are happy to join you. Want to just head back to your room and prop your feet up? That's fine too. Almost every year I've been there, there have been other single travelers as well.

The size of the group at Newk's has varied quite a bit the weeks I've been there. Usually the lower the number of campers, the more attention you get from the Pro's. The high the number of campers, the better chance of having someone else there of your skill level. I prefer weeks with fewer campers. If that's a concern, just call their 800-number and ask them how many reservations they have for the week in question.
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