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Originally Posted by Ripper014 View Post
I have no knowledge of that... but Vilas won 16 tournaments that year (13 of which were on clay) including the French Open, the US Open (on clay at that time) and finished as runner-up at the Australian. It is worth noting that in none of his finals did he meet Borg... but then it is not Vilas's fault Borg didn't get to the finals.

This can all be debatable... but I am assuming that this thread is to solicate who each of us believes are the "Clay Court GOATs" and these are my choices.
Borg didn't get to the finals, because Vilas was playing mickey mouse events.

Borg was undefeated on red clay in 1977 and owned Vilas in the two events they played together on the surface.

As for Vilas's French Open performance - it is most definitely not better than Borg's flawless play at the 1980 French Open. Also worth noting is that the draws were missing some great players, including Borg.
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