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See above.

I believe that Vilas had, by default, better green clay results than Borg in 1977 due to Borg's absence in the summer when most of the har-tru events were played.

However Borg clearly had better red clay results, meaning that there is evidence that he was better on red clay than Vilas.

Overall, Borg was far superior than Vilas due to his excellence on grass and carpet. Surfaces that Vilas avoided - when he didn't, he performed far worse on them than Borg.
To put it in perspective, when Vilas and Borg finally met in the 1978 French Open Borg won 6-1 6-1 6-3. Vilas actually played very well. In that tournament Borg won 127 games and lost only 32 for an astonishing and superhuman games won percentage of 79.87 percentage which I think may be the best of any era but clearly the best of the Open Era.

Borg may very well have had the most dominant year of the Open Era in 1978 with a Games Won Percentage for the year of 66.18%.

In 1977 Borg won three matches and lost none to Vilas. Borg was clearly a better clay court player than Vilas in 1977 and would have been heavily favored had they met in the French Open.
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