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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
In 1977 Borg won three matches and lost none to Vilas. Borg was clearly a better clay court player than Vilas in 1977 and would have been heavily favored had they met in the French Open.
You can't blame Vilas for showing up at the 1977 French Open and winning the tournament in Borg's absence. You've got to blame Borg for not playing in the French Open. You've got to give Vilas the benefit of the doubt, not Borg.

Tournament results should be the only thing that matters as far as rankings are concerned, not head-to-heads. It doesn't matter if Vilas won a load of what would be considered 250 tournaments today, he still won 2 grand slams that year and dominated on clay throughout the second half of the season. Honestly, Borg fans, stick to 1978-1981 when your guy won loads, 1977 was clearly Vilas' year.
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