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Whoever you'd bet your life on in a hypothetical 1977 French Open final between Vilas and Borg, you can't base who had the better year on that, you have to go by what actually happened in terms of tournament results throughout the year.

Not in terms of results. Vilas won 2 clay court grand slams and had an awesome run on clay in the second half of the year. Whether Borg could have beaten Vilas at the French Open if he had showed up or if he could have beaten Vilas at the US Open if he hadn't have gotten injured is all hypothetical speculation.
Again I'm not writing about results in this case. You disagreeing about results and that's fine but I'm writing that in my opinion Borg was the superior clay court player to Vilas in 1977. In tournament results for the year Borg won 13 of 20 tournaments plus Wimbledon and he was unbeaten against Vilas with a 3-0 record.

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